June 2015


4 new releases are happening this week:
Aujx-4 AmalgamatedSolve et Coagula c60/Download w/ deluxe 64p b/w art booklet
Aujx-5 Noosphertilizer III: STRNGLV / Pelktopia split c60 w/ 16p color / b/w art booklet
Aujx-6 Homogenized Terrestrials Shadows Think Twice CD/Download
Aujx-7 Dog HallucinationMitzi c77/Download w/ 24p color / b/w art booklet

Thrilled to be finally releasing these cassettes, and to be releasing Homogenized Terrestrials‘ beautifully strange new full-length CD on the new label, as our Intangible Cat label continues its indefinite pause in release schedule – items there are still available and we do encourage you to have a look/listen around the catalog there!

The Amalgamated and Dog Hallucination albums have both been incubated and/or intermittently developed over more than 10 years.

The audio from STRNGLV (fine abstracted urban electrono-psych collage artist Sean Keane of Hillside, New Jersey) and Pelktopia (intimate ambient guitars-and-texture creators Takashi Masubuchi and Hironobu Shimazawa of Tokyo, Japan) reached us some time in 2012 or 2013. These two sides of audio consist of some specialty dreamtime-aural-experience-engineering which I think is exceptional and inspiring. Hopefully we will be able to release full-length items by both of these artists at some time in the future. Until then, please do use this artifact as a jumping-off point for your research into their respective oeuvres. The included art booklet is a visual nooral map and personal “statemeant” of positive intent. These artists are ambassadors of discrete visions, and however obscure the visions may be, the transmission/propagation of the visions works toward positive outcomes unbeknownst to any entities involved. We seek to stoke the power-flames and facilitate pleasing adjustments on the focus-ring of personal creative vision.

Various life circumstances have prevented realization of these projects until now. These are weighty releases that we wanted to present in the fullest form we could, so it took a while to gather the funds, properly accumulate / finish the artwork, and arrange the time to copy, cut, and assemble the packaging & art booklets, and to perform all of the necessary web content. Their completion represents a relieving / satisfying exclamation of energy as well as a head-clearing clean-slate state of being. “Whew” is what I’m saying. “Whew.”

It’s likely that Aubjects – and probably Petriblog, too –  will only be active during the summer months for the next couple of years, as I’m attending ISU and have a completely jammed schedule during the fall and spring semesters. We have a couple of ideas for releases to occur late summer or in the fall some time (Gushing Cloud, Amalgamated, Somnoroase Pasarele, Dog Hallucination, Objet Plastik), but may remain inactive until after the next hellishly, preposterously, juxtapository bassy-ackwards Illinois wintertime season passes us by.

Thanks for visiting the site.