Niche Audio Potluck #1 – 8/6/16

My friend Shawn Cummings and I met in 1986 or 87 around age 6. We’ve worked on many creative projects together, many of which included “experimental” approaches to creating music / sound and images.  Our latest undertaking is this series of shows we are putting on around the Bloomington-Normal area, the first of which will occur Saturday August 8.

The series is ongoing, and will always emphasize experimental / psych / noise / ambient / post-rock & otherwise unusual sound / video / performance.

Flier design by Andrew Zetek

For me, this series of events comes from a great appreciation for and belief in the culture of  “the no-audience underground”, where the audience consists primarily of participants.

We’ll be working with photographer Melissa Rodriguez (Kicked In The Face Photos) -and hopefully others in photography & videography (join us – make photo galleries, doc pieces or music videos for local artists & events) to document these events and post evidence online as they happen. Our intention is to build community among experimental and otherwise unusual or marginalized musicians in this region of Illinois and stimulate activity & action.

We hope these events will result in collaborative projects, events and happenings between people who may not have otherwise met.

We’d like to raise money for local charities through special events.

Although we are focused on stimulating action & community within people in our local area, we’d like to have touring artists from other towns, states & countries perform consistently as well.

Contact us:

D. Petri: d h a l p e tr i AT g m ai l do tco m (no spaces, no capitals)

Shawn Cummings: S h a wnc u m m in g s 81 AT gm a il d otc om (same)

On Facebook we go by: Dee Petri, Shawn Cummings.

There is a Niche Audio Potluck Facebook group, too.