Aubjects (AUJX) is a label operated by D. Petri (Dog Hallucination , Directives) with help from close collaborator friends in Homogenized Terrestrials & Amalgamated. Under the umbrella of “experimental” music / sound work, we deal in electronic, ambient, psychedelic, industrial, noise, etc.

Term “Aubjects“:
inspired by personal experiences of creating “personal audio art objects” (word combination thanks to Hal McGee) and exchanging art and correspondence by mail, in appreciation of the intimate / tactile / substantive connection achievable through such activities.

We produce small runs of (usually) home-manufactured audio recordings in hand-assembled packaging – sometimes extra-special packaging & art additives. Cassettes dubbed at home in real time. Sometimes home-made or professionally pressed CD-Rs and/or CDs happen, too. We’re interested in the proliferation of inspiring, thought provoking & unusual materials.

Philosophically we are centrally inspired by Buckminster Fuller‘s notion of precession as explained in his book Critical Path, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin‘s notion of the Noosphere as laid out in his book The Phenomenon of Man.

Ordering & Trades:

There are multiple prices listed under each available release indicating where the item is to be shipped. Please be sure to pick the correct pricing option & shipping location for your item. If you’d like to pay by check or money order feel free to send an envelope with such payment inside. If you are also a creator and enjoy trading please feel free to contact us by email to arrange trading. Audio recordings, zines, art, food and other items are possible accepted goods. We can’t always trade but love to do so when stock and funds are in favor of it. We’re always excited to receive / exchange correspondence – send us a postcard!

Demo policy:

We no longer accept unsolicited demos. Our release schedule is very sporadic, and we’ve got a list going of people we’re already hoping to work with. Thanks to anyone who has sent us material in the past. We hope to eventually have a much more consistent release schedule and we will be primed to work with a variety of brains-on-fire people when that time arrives!


d h a l p et ri  (a t) g m ai  l  d0T CO m

email for mailing address.