Aujx 12: Somnoroase Pasarele: 0rt0


Romania’s Somnoroase Pasarele continues to beguile and surprise. 0RT0 (zero – R – T – zero) continues their explorations of texture and mood within distinctive electronic realms. They are masters of flow; their pieces spread out and evolve at natural pacings over variable spans of time. No piece is too long or too short. Each is a dynamic journey within the overall expedition of the album. The unsettling and mysterious workings of 0RT0 commence across 41 minutes. These are remarkable minutes akin to the 2 minutes spent in strange eclipse-light experienced by many the 21st of August, 2017. These pieces resonate with that magic strangeness of ineffably colored light and the knowledge that it would (probably) be experienced only once in one’s lifetime. In honor of this astrological event, D. Petri created a video companion to SUITE IV, and pulled images from that video to produce the companion booklet included in the CD packaging.

This 0RT0 proclamation is another remarkable entry in Somnoroase Pasarele’s impressive catalog, which is quite worth digging into for those interested in idiosyncratic electronics.

Stream & download at Aubjects Bandcamp site.