Aujx 16: Homogenized Terrestrials: Suspension

(A collage of excerpts from the album.)

Homogenized Terrestrials has sprung and packaged up another harvest of dense and mysterious feelings. Suspension puts forth eclectic concoctions of ambience, strange voices, percussion, electronic textures, extreme filtering, static, and ineffable moods. These recordings are deep-night soundtracks. They’re transportive, lonely, intimate, foreboding, and hallucinatory. They also sometimes contain beautifully rendered pockets of warmth or hope which are all the more magical and comforting for their scarcity.



Professionally printed CDR in 4-panel digipak w/ color-printed disc.

The wide range of textural experimentation makes this collection feel somehow more visual than Phillip’s recent recordings e tistula no. 2 and Shadows Think Twice. A sense of physical space is particularly evident, through variances of instrumentation, frequency, timbre, and stereo mixing configurations. Objects shuffle about, metallic items flit and clank against each other, scrapings and knockings occur across the stereo field in organic patterns of movement. Tiny and large spaces are sculpted through use of reverbs, filtering, and combinations of particular instruments and sounds. Often within a single piece the listener is taken through several different types of space which can bring about sensations of height and depth as well as horizontal changes in the surroundings.

The compositions are fascinatingly well-honed, as well. There is a wonderful intermingling of electro-acoustic / ambient tendencies and atypical musical composition containing off-kilter rhythms and haunting tonalities. The palette of sounds here is so vast (yet perfectly limited to this refined spectrum of sensibilities Homogenized Terrestrials has established over 30 years of recording, composing, and performing) that it makes sense to compose with the same amount of openness. Each piece is its own unique interior journey.

As has been said in the past, fans of Dead Voices On Air, Zoviet France, Brian Eno (some of his edgiest stuff, perhaps?), Hafler Trio, Robert Hampson, and other lovely expert long-time practitioners of dark ambience and abstract composition may take quite kindly to this and much else produced by Homogenized Terrestrials. It is true, though, that HT’s angle is singular and continues to evolve and complexify. A tireless experimenter does not exhaust their thirst to experiment. This album sees Homogenized Terrestrials pushing further into a unique compositional regime which, after prodigiously bearing lovely fruits for more than 3 decades, still appears to be infinitely capable of reinvention and gainful elaboration.

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