Aujx 4: Amalgamated: Solve et Coagula

An unusually abrasive multimedia emission from Amalgamated discussing the state of Earth and human society. The anxiety and hopelessness of the current state of things is acknowledged as fact but not accepted as inevitable or irreversible. A power-electronics palette of various splintering signal overloads and textural agitations predominates. Differing perspectives are injected periodically, noting the presence of revelatory possibilities and potentials.

The booklet and the audio are a unit.

Various abstract digital images created by Bob Newel.

Fractals, ‘sacred’ geometric forms, circuitry, rivers, veins, and roots are all transporters.

Naturalistic photos taken by Phillip Klampe & D. Petri.

Hyperglyphs, image manipulations and booklet design / sequencing by D. Petri.

ltd. 35 copies – SOLD OUT



The sample below may be sufficient. If not, feel free to follow the download link below to stream the entire album.

Stream & download at Aubjects Bandcamp site.