Aujx 5: Noosphertilizer III

The 3rd Noosphertilizer split release. This time three artists are featured: STRNGLV (New Jersey, US) and Pelktopia (Tokyo, Japan), and artwork D. Petri.

STRNGLV was discovered via the excellent Fabrica Records’ release of Psychotropia some 4 years ago. Also a visual artist near to the collage & street art mindset, Sean Keane’s vision comes across potently regardless of medium. Within STRNGLV’s audio category, trashed sounds and rhythms gurgle and permutate. Older-school electronic sound making equipment is funneled through and/or blended with manipulatory powers of software. Gritty and weird home-cooked urban psychedelia is here.

Pelktopia was discovered via the excellent Ashtray Navigations / Pelktopia split LP put out some 2 years ago by Yogoh Record in Japan. Pelktopia is active within the Tokyo underground improv scene, and curious/interested parties would likely be pleased to check out the live-captured performance videos posted at their online home. Beautiful, intimate and dreamy guitar sketching against intuitively tuned-in textural backdrops.

Design, assembly, art booklet photographs & hyper-glyphs by D. Petri.

ltd. 35 copies – SOLD OUT



Stream & download at Aubjects Bandcamp site.