Noo V A
C60 w/ 24p b/w art booklet on heavy stock, info insert in large poly case.
odd person
Odd Person

August Traeger may be known to some through his label Bicephalic Records, or his projects Somnaphon, Nipple Stools, and Food World. His work is overtly electronic; often software and glitch-based. His pieces are full of sounds pulverized beyond recognition and reorganized to form wobbling tonal-rhythmic riddles. His pieces here cover a wider-than-average range of electronic territory, consisting of minimal analog synth melodies warbling in verby haze, sharp soft-synths and hypnotic arrhythmic glitchworks. Odd Person music is not merely a hobbling digital-fetish cacophony, though. There is a specific flavor of tonal and melodic logic among his obtuse musical forms which stimulates like caffeine and fine reading materials. Some people have said Odd Person music makes you smarter when you listen to it.

Miguel A. Garcia

Miguel A. Garcia is a sound artist based in the Basque country of Spain. To describe his audio work, some words from his bio say it best: “He uses sounds taken from electronic devices residues, often interrelated with field recordings or acoustic instruments, in the search of an intimate, intense and immersive experience.”  Miguel has worked in the past with August Traeger (notably on Pixel Hexing, a DVD collection of experimental video works released on Bicephalic Records), and works in similar territory with digital destruction and reconstruction of sound from varied sources. Garcia creates cinematic noise-sculptures in time through his wise usage of dynamics, timing and treatments. The pieces included here are in flavors of white and pink digital / overload, rumblings, and other textures sculpted by careful direct-signal manipulations.

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24p b/w art zine on the topic of corners, and getting out of them. Video stills (corners), glyphs, photo manipulations, layout, text, cutout & assembly by D. Petri.

Regarding the concept ‘Noosphere’, see:

Noo V B

Overall design, type, home dubbing, copy & assembly also by D. Petri.

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The US label Aubjects are down in my books as a great label. Back in the 80’s when I was occupied with music releases on cassettes I was never a fan of small or big video boxes to house them in, simply because they took up too much space in my boys room. Aubjects use them also, but in the current world where cassettes are mostly packed in standard plastic boxes this is quite a change. The first two releases are split releases and on’Noosphertilizer 5′, we find two projects. On the first side there is Odd Person, which is the new (?) name by August Traeger, whom we also know as Somnaphon and his Bicephalic Records label. Apparently he also works as Nipple Stools and Food World. Listed as instruments a ‘malfunctioning sampling keyboard, pure data and hardware effects). Whereas much of his previous music was quite crude and noisy in a very digital way this is all quite mellow and pleasant. Maybe this too is made with digital, it certainly looks like
it, but there is gentle, synth atmosphere here, with even some Tangerine Dream influences somewhere in these thirty minutes, which was sadly quite short; I sure wish there was more of this. On the other side we find the ever so active Miguel A. Garcia from the Basque part of Spain. Here he uses sound sources from something called Window Pane (link on the cover didn’t work) and oddly enough we see him moving away from his more thoughtful recent experimental laptop music and re-emerging into the world of noise. I am quite sure that what sound sources he uses, it all goes into the computer and via some sort of treatment inside it comes out at the other end, and the original is rendered beyond recognition. It’s not all super loud here, and he even moves along to something that is a bit quiet but what could hardly be called introspective. It’s gritty and dirty but somehow it’s great to see him do this sort thing again, but now with the experiences of someone who knows what he’s being doing and applying reasoning to his noise. This release
comes with a small Xeroxed booklet of high quality with photo collages of a more abstract nature.